(3 mornings or 5 mornings – 8:30 – noon)


The 3 Year Old Program encompasses the emotional, social, physical and intellectual aspects of your child’s growth and development. The Pre-Kindergarten program is an integral part of the whole school philosophy and the quest for academic excellence. In Pre-Kindergarten we build the foundation and background knowledge for years to come.

Each month the children focus on several thematic units relating to their interests. The children’s daily routine includes circle time, Bible stories, small group activities, free play, and show and tell. Our children also learn through play and, weather permitting, have the opportunity to play outdoors as part of their daily routine.

photo 1At St. Martin’s the Pre-Kindergarten program is very much a part of the school community. The children also benefit from weekly classes that are taught by certified Specials Teachers in Art, Music, Spanish, P.E., and Computers.

This program allows the option of coming 3 mornings a week (M-W-F) or 5 mornings a week. Our school day is from 8:30 to 12 noon. (Student drop-off begins at 8:10 AM.)

All entering students must be 3 years old by September 1st as well as fully toilet trained by the time of entrance.

We also provide an Extended Day Program every day beginning at 7 AM and continuing from noon to 3 and/or from 3 to 6 PM.

(5 full days a week – 8:30 to Noon)

kindergarten scienceThe goal of our 4 Year Old Program is to build on the skills developed in the 3 Year Old program. Program activities teach social, fine motor, gross motor, reading readiness, and math skills. Further enrichment is provided through science and social studies. Woven through all aspects of our program is the development of Christian values including attending weekly Chapel services. Off- campus field trips also begin at this age to support themes taught in class. Our development program focuses on social skills and emotional growth while preparing the children for a smooth transition into kindergarten. We are pleased to be using the Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum in PK 4. This program focuses on three core learning areas: reading and writing, language and literacy, and numbers and math. Within these areas, we use music, dancing, building, handwriting and exploring to bring learning here at school and at home to a from and meaningful level.

In addition to our academic curriculum, the 4 year olds also continue weekly instruction with Specials Teachers in Spanish, Art, PE, Music, Computer Lab and Library.

Admission into the 4 Year Old Program requires that each student is 4 years old by September 1st. The Extended Day Program is also available beginning at 7 AM and continuing until 6 PM.

Physical Education

Children  will be exposed to a variety of activities including: balls, bean bags, body mechanics, and parachute play. They will be given the opportunity to improve their hand/eye and foot /eye coordination by throwing, catching and kicking activities. The children will also begin to learn teamwork in an active social setting.


For children in the Pre-K classes, Art is all about the PROCESS, not the product – where the student is able to explore art materials and enjoy what happens. Painting, drawing, printmaking, collage and clay are a few materials and techniques that children will experience. Children learn to identify Primary Colors – mix colors to make Secondary Colors and identify and use different geometric and free form shapes to create their unique artwork.


Sing! Dance! Move! Listen! Play! The music room is not a quiet place when the children come to music class! It’s fun to learn new songs and music games! The children also perform a song at the Annual Christmas Program.


PreK students love to hear stories in the library! Besides being introduced to wonderful literature, they learn about caring for books, recognizing the difference between

make-believe and fact, and telling how the story relates to their personal experiences. Students engage in Smartboard activities that extend the lesson of the story.

Some of the themes are: ABC’s, colors and shapes, nursery rhymes and much more. PreK students love the library!


Welcome to Spanish Preschool-an exciting opportunity to engage your child in an amazing language and explore the world through art, music, games, stories, and play! Our Spanish class is filled with fun, while learning the basics of the Spanish language. This age is the BEST age to teach young children a second language. Children’s minds are like sponges, soaking up everything easily. The key curriculum concepts include learning greetings, numbers, letters, food, colors, and following directions presented in English and Spanish. Three and four year olds are taught once per week for 20 minutes. Kindergarteners are taught twice per week for 30 minutes each lesson.