St. Martin’s Lutheran School, in partnership with its families and the community, will assist in carrying out the God-given privilege and responsibility of raising children by providing Christian instruction, academic education, and extra curricular activities with the goal of equipping children for God-pleasing and productive lives.


In a Christ-centered community, the teachers and staff of St. Martin’s Lutheran School foster spiritual and academic excellence in their students.  In keeping with our mission statement, we have developed and implemented the following philosophy:

  1. To witness that Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord.
  2. To teach, build, and practice Christian values and character.
  3. To model the love of God and respect for self and others.
  4. To teach acceptance of responsibility for one’s own actions.
  5. To provide a safe, secure, nurturing, educational, and spiritual environment.
  6. To promote academic excellence and develop a meaningful work ethic.
  7. To become responsible citizens in a global society and to actively serve the needs of our community.
  8. To teach multicultural competencies in order to prepare our students for an increasingly diverse world.
  9. To guide the development of critical thinking, problem solving, cooperation, creativity, and self-expression.
  10. To recognize and support the value, gifts, and talents of each child.


St. Martin’s Lutheran School was founded in 1963 as a mission of St. Martin’s Lutheran Church to its members and the community.  The school hasgrown from a nursery and kindergarten to include preschool 3 year olds through 8th grade.  We are proud to celebrate this, our 50th year, offering excellence in education in the Annapolis community.