Each year, students at St. Martin’s Lutheran School take a practical course in economics, and it never leaves the realm of good fun.  Beginning each September, students earn Bulldog Bucks, which are awarded for hard work, good attitudes, helpfulness, and other skills, and, just like in real life, Bulldog Bucks can be lost.


Best of all, Bulldog Bucks can be spent at the end of the year during an auction of lots of cool stuff such as gift cards, summer toys, and fun crafts.  Students bid against each other, giving them a chance to evaluate how much a given item is worth to them.  Middle school students also have the opportunity to save their Bulldog Bucks for the next year.  All in all, it’s a great way for students learn anew the value of hard work, how to think about spending and how to think about saving.  Not a bad lesson in economics when you can bring home a special end-of-the-year prize too.