On Thursday, October 20th, 12 students from Annapolis area elementary schools participated in the 3rd Annual Severe Weather Poster Contest hosted by the Office of Emergency Management and the 2nd Annual Fire Prevention Week Poster Contest hosted by the Annapolis Fire Department.

5th grade students from St. Mary’s Parish & School, Annapolis and St. Martin’s Lutheran School of Annapolis participated in the Severe Weather Poster Contest, in which they had to illustrate how they and their families prepare for emergencies that could impact Annapolis. 4th grade students from Georgetown East Elementaryand Eastport Elemetary School participated in the Fire Prevention Poster Contest, in which they had to illustrate using the theme “Don’t Wait Check the Date”.

12 students were chosen as the top 3 from each of the 4 schools, and they were granted Emergency Managers for the day. All students showed up at the Emergency Operations Center on the morning of October 20th and met with Director Kevin Simmons of Emergency Management, Chief Michael Pristoop of the Annapolis Police Department and Chief David Stokes of the Annapolis Fire Department. Students were chauffeured around the City in a fire truck and even had Ledo’s pizza for lunch. All students were transported down to City Hall where they met with Mayor Michael Pantelides and Public Safety Chair Alderwoman Sheila Finalyson.

Posters were then judged for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place by the Mayor and Alderwoman and all students were given a citation for their wonderful work and dedication on emergency preparedness and fire prevention safety.