Last Friday, St. Martin’s 5th graders John Stock, Logan Barnhill, and Molly Bunker had a fun day visiting the Office of Emergency Management headquarters, meeting with the Annapolis Chief of Police, the Fire Chief, and the Mayor.  The reason for their visit: the three were finalists in a city-wide poster contest about emergency preparedness.
Earlier this fall, officials from the Annapolis Fire Department and the Office of Emergency Management sponsored a poster contest with students from St. Mary’s Elementary, St. Martin’s Lutheran and Eastport Elementary Schools participating.

The Annapolis Fire Department chose three finalists from Eastport Elementary who created posters illustrating this year’s Fire Prevention Week theme, “Hear the beep where you sleep.” This theme emphasizes the importance of working smoke alarms located near every bedroom in your home. The Office of Emergency Management chose six finalishts, three from St. Mary’s Elementary and three from St. Martin’s Lutheran, who created posters illustrating how a natural hazard could impact Annapolis.

The finalists were honored by Mayor Pantelides and the Public Safety Committee at City Hall and given the title of Emergency Managers for the day.