Mission.  The PTO will strive to provide support to St. Martin’s Lutheran School of Annapolis, its Principal, the School Board, and the parents and guardians.  The PTO will support a program of spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual, and physical growth for the students of St. Martin’s Lutheran School.

Purpose.  This organization will work to foster cooperation and good will among all parents; offer a framework through which St. Martin’s Lutheran School’s families can participate in and support our school programs; and provide financial assistance to enhance the school environment for our students.

Membership.  All parents and guardians of currently enrolled students shall be voting members of the PTO.  All teachers, administrators, and school board members are welcome.

Participation Opportunities.  There are three to four membership meetings per year on different days of the week and in the evening to enhance participation.  Issues are voted upon by those in attendance.  All officers and all members are welcome.

Officers.  Officers are elected to one-year terms by the attendees at the May PTO meeting from a slate of nominees as determined by the nominating committee.  A Parent Liaison to the School Board is elected to serve a three-year term.

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President:   Mary Flynn 571-205-8597

¨     Schedules and presides over PTO meetings

¨     Attends monthly meetings with the Principal

¨     Oversees designated subcommittees

¨     Votes only in case of a tie


Secretary:   Amy Young    443-852-5226

¨     Types an agenda for PTO meetings

¨     Takes minutes at the General Membership PTO meetings and publishes them in the Weekly Newsletter within one week

¨     Takes minutes at PTO Executive meetings and distributes them to all officers

¨     May cast one vote

Treasurer:     Rosana Crupi   301-318-7021

¨     Manages finances from an annual operating budget

¨     Manages fundraising as a separate account

¨     Is authorized to disburse funds as previously approved by either the general    membership or the executive committee

¨     Reconciles the checking and savings accounts and pays any bills monthly

¨     Prepares financial statements for all general PTO meetings

¨     Acts as liaison for funds for all committees

¨     May cast one vote

 Volunteer Coordinator:  Open

¨     Oversees all committees; works with other officers to identify the head for each committee

¨     Monitors committee activities and briefs at PTO meetings on committee progress

¨     Recruits volunteers when needed

¨     May not vote

School Board Parent Rep.:  Open

¨     Is selected by the PTO, endorsed by the School Board, and submitted to the Church Council for approval

¨     Has a voice and vote but who need not be  a member of the St. Martin’s congregation

¨     Is the parent or guardian of a currently enrolled student and a member in good standing of a church that professes Christ as the Son of God

¨     Serves for a three-year term


2017-2018 PTO MEETINGS

PTO meetings will be held at the school on the following dates at 7:00 pm:

February 5, 2018                    May 7, 2018


Be sure to watch your e-mails for PTO activities and meeting reminders.

Executive PTO Board meetings are usually held once each quarter and are open to parents.

Times and locations will be posted in the Weekly Newsletter.