St. Martins holds a very special place in my heart. Not only did I make lifetime friendships, I also keep in touch with some of my elementary school and middle school teachers almost 20 years later. St. Martins isn’t just a school, it is an environment for positive growth and unforgettable memories.

Kelly Gukanovich Bazzle
Digital Producer
ABC Action News WFTS Tampa

“Our family has been blessed to be a part of St. Martin’s Lutheran School for 6 years. Our son has been provided an excellent education with knowledgeable and caring teachers and staff. The families at St. Martin’s are the best. The PTO provides wonderful activities both during and after school. God’s blessings are seen everywhere on a daily basis. St. Martin’s is a wonderful establishment to assist in teaching our children the life-long journey of listening to God’s voice. 

Sherry Crow  

“We could not have chosen a better partner than St. Martin’s to help us raise our daughters.  We have been extremely pleased with the learning environment, excellent curriculum, and outstanding teachers.  Our daughters have excelled in ways we could only dream about when we lovingly said “Have fun” to each one on their first day of kindergarten so long ago. We will always be grateful for the strong values and love of learning that St. Martin’s has instilled in them.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you St. Martin’s!”

  • Emily — 2014 8th grade graduate
  • Jennifer – 2009 8th grade graduate

Nancy and Bill Dodd

“My child is thriving at St. Martin’s Lutheran School. The staff is so caring and dedicated and with a connection to the church, the school benefits from having an extended community for support. I am impressed with the emphasis on nature, emotional and social development in addition to a solid academic curriculum.”

Mrs. Gatchel

“Our family was so excited to move back to Annapolis. Even though this move was full of joy we couldn’t help be a little anxious about our children attending a new school. Thankfully that touch of worry was for nothing. St. Martin’s was open and welcoming from our very first day. Our girls came home with smiles, stories, and lots of new friends. Within in a very short time not only were our children comfortable but they were thriving. St.Martins has been a true blessing in our lives. It is exactly where our family belongs.” 

Brett and Aimee Gomberg

“Our son and daughter have attended St. Martin’s since 2009.  We are incredibly blessed to send them off to school each morning knowing they are in a safe place where Christian values are embraced.  St. Martin’s provides strong academics while also growing your child spiritually and socially into respectful, kind, compassionate young learners.  What is especially important to our family is that we instill a true love of learning.  This is found at St. Martin’s due to the small class sizes, exciting group projects, and use of technology, which youngsters today fully embrace.  The individual and group presentations in the class room and in weekly Chapel give the children confidence and a sense of pride.  St. Martin’s is the whole package for us!”

Jennifer and James Guercio

“Our family has three children enrolled at St. Martin’s Lutheran School.  Having struggled with large class sizes at another school, our children now enjoy the individualized teacher student atmosphere that allows them to relax, and learn at their own pace.  Our children awaken every morning, happy and eager to go to school.  They are learning in a Christ centered environment and thriving spiritually, socially and educationally, all aspects that help them to successfully prepare for their future.

  • Emily, 8th Grade:  ‘I love the small classes and my teachers.  They are nice and have time to help each student.’
  • Lilly, 5th Grade:  ‘Everyone at St. Martin’s is so nice.  I have made some great friends.’
  • Maggie, 1st Grade:  ‘We get lots of time to practice, and doing  phonics and grammar is fun.’

“Thank you to all of the teachers and administration for all of your hard work, dedication, and nurturing.”

Andrea and Buz Porciello

“We have been a St. Martin’s School family for 11 years. We have one child currently enrolled in the middle school and another child that recently graduated from 8th grade. Both of our children started their school life at St. Martins (one for pre-K and one at Kindergarten).

“We feel that St. Martin’s has consistently offered strong academics; while providing a safe place for our children to grow and develop their personal character, as well. The environment has encouraged our kids to explore many aspects of who they are as they discover their areas of strength. The school promotes the students with an ability to learn and interact without judgement as they try out new ideas and develop new skills and personal character. The individual attention and the accessibility of faculty and staff has made this school an ideal place to have our children. Our ideas and concerns have consistently been met with openness and objectivity. It is evident that the staff sincerely cares about the well-being of our children, while addressing their academic performance; it is unique to find this warm characteristic in a school. The low student- teacher ratio has allowed staff to really get to know our children, which is quite comforting.

“We have been pleased that the children are offered opportunity to play on the sports teams in middle school (and sometimes even in 5th grade). All kids are welcome to join and participate.

“Although we didn’t originally come to St. Martinʼs because of the Christian education, we registered because of the reputation it had in the community. The Spiritual component complements the critical foundation for the values we choose to teach our family. St. Martinʼs has been the right choice for our family. We would highly recommend that families consider St. Martinʼs Lutheran School of Annapolis as an excellent choice for academics and social-spiritual development for their children.”

Kat Mahone, LCPC

“Prior to having children my time was dedicated to the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The NAEYC assists and supports educational programs striving for Accreditation by adopting the criteria of “best practice”.  Upon starting a family of our own, my husband Nilos and I joked, that no program would ever be good enough for our own children.  However, we have found a true home at St. Martin’s Lutheran School.  Our girls receive an exceptional education in a loving environment with a faculty and staff that also strive towards reaching and exceeding the standards of ‘best practice’.”

Kelly Sakellariou, MS Ed

“When I think about how much time my kids spend at school each day, I am so grateful they are surrounded by such caring and compassionate people at St. Martin’s.  The sense of community is strong and has been an essential part of the social, emotional and educational development of my children.

“When my son was struggling with reading, his first grade teacher stayed after school with him every week until he understood the concepts.  She took time out of her own schedule which showed her dedication to her students and her compassion for teaching.  As a parent, this touched my heart and solidified my decision to remain at St. Martin’s.”

Carly Shilling  

“St. Martin’s is a terrific school. Great teachers, administrators and staff, wonderful kids and nice families. Academically challenging. This school is the academic gem of Annapolis. I am so happy that my kids go to St. Martin’s.”

Pernell Staudt

“We have had our children in St. Martin’s Lutheran School since 2002 and would highly recommend the school to anyone.  It is a very nurturing, caring learning environment and has provided our girls with an excellent education and preparation for high school.  Ms. Kolarik being declared “Private School Teacher of the Year” is well deserved!  Our girls loved playing sports and participating in the extra-curricular activities offered at the school.”

Karen Steele

“My daughter has been at St. Martin’s Lutheran School since kindergarten and is now in her final year, 8th grade. From the first moment I entered the school for a private tour, I had the ‘warm fuzzies.’   It is a friendly, welcoming place from the start. My daughter has thrived there, both academically and socially, with high standardized test scores and friends to last a lifetime. As a bonus, the school’s commitment to the environment and social awareness has greatly influenced her to be conscientiously ‘green’ as well as considerate of the less fortunate.

“My biggest regret is that this is the last year for us. After unsuccessfully petitioning to add on grades 9 – 12 to St. Martin’s (I’m only partially joking), my daughter will be moving on to high school next year. I know, though, that she’ll be back to visit as so, so many of previous alumni do every year. The ties are strong and we’ll always be grateful for the excellent education in such a warm and nurturing environment. Thank you, St. Martin’s!”

Jane Tietje

“Thank you all for your kind words and understanding.  We’ve never received so much love from any other school before.”

Molly Wiggins